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butterball November 24

Over the Line Show #29 Thanksgiving Is A Sore Subject In England

  On Today’s Show: This week…Happy Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving History, Kendrick Lamar, Charlie Sheen, Creed (the movie, not the band), Hunger Games, Lost In Space reboot, Reboot woes, Master Chef Junior

paris November 17

Over the Line Show #28 Paris, Rousey, and Sour Cream

On Today’s Show: Topics include reaction to the attacks in Paris. Plus MST3K plots a comeback, KFC comes to your door and Ronda Rousey hits the floor. Plus Joe’s emasculation in the dairy section of the grocery store.

Starbucks-Red-Cups-War-On-Christmas November 11

Over the Line Show #27 Blasphemous Coffee Cups

  On Today’s Show: This week…Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Baby Hitler. Plus blasphemous coffee cups and the new James Bond movie. Old TV favorites are set for reboots and…Joe’s old crush on a Christian rock singer.

LAP danger November 05

Homecoming Season Advice

I came out of my cave and realized that we’re getting close to homecoming and/or prom season and other holiday-related date situation seasons.  By the way, the sun was really bright.  It hurt.  Moving on… I decided that all of the LAP Angry Dads out there (you know who you are) need a helpful guide […]

vegas November 02

Over the Line Show #26 Vegas Baby!

On Today’s Show: Topics include Joe’s Vegas Trip In Hilarious Details from departing flight to fraud credit cards, slot machine wins, buffets, and shows.

franknmuffin October 19

Over the Line Show #25 McDonald’s New FrankNMuffin!

On Today’s Show: Topics include Joe’s Grumpy Haircut, The Democratic Debates, Randy Quaid, McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu, Lamar Odom, The NBA, John Stamos and more.

jayleno October 12

Over the Line Show #24 Jay Leno Wants Your Job

On Today’s Show: Topics include The Amazing Race, Cinnamon Oreos, Limited Time Foods vs. Regular Menu, Joe is Anti-Dunk, Toppings vs. Side Dishes, Justin Bieber’s Dad is Proud of His Son’s Wang, Jimmy Fallon Tapps Out, Naming Of The Car Guys, Dated Emojis Comes To Facebook, Weird News, TV Notes, This Week in Joe’s Uber, […]

pickles September 30

Over the Line Show #23 The Trouble With Pickles

On Today’s Show: Topics include Joe’s Plastic Car Accident, The Cream Puff Eating Contest, Jessie Makes The Podcast, Facebook goes Down and the Dislike Button, Volkswagon Determined Not To Be Edible, FiFA Cleaning House, Flowers For Trump, TV News, Weird News!, Water On Mars

Gay-Doritos September 24

Over the Line Podcast #22 Publicity On The Back Of Gay Doritos

On Today’s Show: Topics include the Columbus Clippers champions of the universe, fantasy football, Scott Walker drops out, 67th Emmy’s recap, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over the Apprentice, the View angers the nurses, The hygienist runs the show, Jackie Collins, Rainbow Doritos, The Target Help Desk Troll, New Star Trek movie, Princess Leia metal bikini up […]

A3G91 September 16

Over the Line Podcast #21 Zsa Zsa Gabor Outlives The World!

On Today’s Show: Topics include Cell phone fines, the Circle of New Tires, Reality TV Show Gambling, Steven Colbert Report Card, New Fall TV 2015, The Queen, New Game: Who Dies First Zsa Zsa Gabor Or…., Comic Strips You Don’t Care About, Super Mario Turns 30, Donald Trump vs Carly Fiorina, The Huckster vs Survivor

source: September 15

The Sisterwives Mistakenly Interview Us

There is a group of powerful women writers who have collected together and formed the website: The Sisterwives. Should it be whom have collected? I don’t know. The grammar police will email me soon. They always do. I probably should have paid more attention in English class, but alas I have always run away from […]

Fozzie_bear September 09

Over the Line Podcast #20 Dancing With The Starless

On Today’s Show: Topics include I have your back maybe, The trouble with ordering Poker party food, Carry out tipping etiquette, Fall sports, Coach is fired after one episode, Galaxy Quest comes to TV, The Muppets and Kermit the Frog’s new swine american controversery, Backstreet Boys vs All Other Boy Bands, Season Premiers, The Starship […]

aziz September 02

Over the Line Podcast #19 Aziz Ansari Get Off My Chipotle Bag

On Today’s Show: Topics include Newsroom being canceled, fantasy football draft and getting warm water, superman dissected, Wes Craven RIP, death hoax week, McDonalds/Burger King peace treaty burger, awkward foot long hot dogs, Alaska mountain naming trouble, homeless Phoebe from Friends

oxforddictionary August 31

Word Has It

One fun annual event you might be unaware of is the Oxford English Dictionary’s release of new words. This announcement always entertains. At the same time, it can be frightening because you can think of it as a thermostat of how fast we’re dumbing the hell out of ourselves. Srsly. But on to the awesomesauce! […]

front August 28

Over the Line Podcast #18 Deez Nuts For President

On Today’s Show: Topics include House of Cards, Sex with a wax Nicki Minaj,  destroying a Picasso, Ashley Madison, The best SNL KFC Spokesmen, Stupid extremsits math, The View

source: August 19

Over the Line Podcast #17 SMH HBO

On Today’s Show: Topics include Sesame Street on HBO, Chinese Fire Drills, Warren G Harding’s mistress, Taco Bell serving alcohol, Star Wars makeup, and Joe’s version of SMH

source: August 12

Over the Line Podcast #16 Barn Swallows And Corn Dogs

On Today’s Show: Topics include restaurants for masochists, Donald Trump, Bruce Willis movies, West Texas, Barn Swallows, and Corn Dogs. And some exciting news!

source: August 05

Over the Line Podcast #15 with Guest Christopher De Voss

On Today’s Show: Special Guest: Christopher De Voss from Long Awkward Pause. Chris does his best to try to keep up, especially since it’s been twenty years since he has been behind a microphone, as the boys talk about Cecil the Lion, politics in Ohio, Uber, Hulk Hogan and Roddy Pipper.   Listen to the Show Here: You […]

crave case leftovers August 04

Hair of the Dog That You Bit

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great food experiences around the country and around the world. I’ve had crepes from a cart across from Notre Dame in Paris. I’ve eaten at Michelin-starred restaurants in New York. I’ve eaten sushi off the body of a naked Ariana Grande while on one of the Sultan of […]

saturn1 July 27

Heavenly Bodies

Long Awkward Pause readers are hip, informed and intelligent people. Because this is true, you like to Science, and I’ve been assigned an article to expand your universe. At least to bring space to your place. So I’m about to get all Neil deGrasse Tyson here. Maybe you thought by reading the title that this […]


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