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angry-gamer-kid-tryhard October 20

7 Ways to Get your Kid to Drop the Video Game…in a Flash

“No. I can’t leave,” my son says, his voice tight and low. “I’m in the middle of a raid!” These words are from the mouth of my tweener son, twelve years of know-it-all and dedicated gamer of the multiplayer variety. Typically, he shares his two-word vocabulary of “Good” and “K” sent via text from two feet […]

hotel February 26

Survival Tips for “Hotels on a Budget”

Amy Reese grew up in Southern California in a family of six kids in a noisy household with lots of music, listening to anything and everything from Duke Ellington to Led Zeppelin.  She now lives in Northern California, just outside of Sacramento, with her husband and two sons.  In her blog, she  writes some stories, […]


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