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J. Crew catalog June 24

If Straight Guys Named the Colors in the J. Crew Catalog

When it comes to the creative naming of colors, gay men and the J. Crew catalog have got it on lock. Have you ever read a J. Crew catalog? Their sweater shades are not simply “red,” “green,” or “yellow.” Beige is “Carribean Sand.” Navy blue is “Night Shadow,” and so on. I once worked at a […]

Shailene Woodley in Divergent May 12

Divergent Star Shailene Woodley’s Shocking Confession

In a shocking confession that rocked the pop culture world, Shailene Woodley, star of the blockbuster film Divergent, revealed that she has suffered from a severe form of bodily disfigurement since childhood. The condition manifests with what many consider to be grotesque physical symptoms that include a slender physique, elongated limbs and a generous mane […]

angrywomandriver April 09

51 Things You’re Thinking On Your Morning Commute

Universal Thoughts 1. UGGGGHHH I’m so tired. Why did I have to stay up so late watching Conan/taking BuzzFeed quizzes/jerking off to porn? 2. Seriously, I’m like the walking dead. Except less attractive. And more dead. 3. What would happen if I called in sick? 4. Would everyone know I’m faking it? 5. I’ll have […]

Ellen's Oscar selfie March 04

Ellen DeGeneres Dishes It Out on Oscars Fashion and More

The 86th annual Academy Awards was Sunday, and funny lady Ellen DeGeneres fulfilled her hosting duties with her usual wit and aplomb. Ellen is well-known for being a “nice” comedian. She rarely throws jabs or takes potshots at another’s expense, and generally keeps her act pretty clean. But we know that deep inside, there’s a […]

harrystylesorgy February 14

14 Celebrities You Don’t Want to Date on Valentine’s Day

Ever wish you were boinking your celebrity crush instead of your current boyfriend/girlfriend/hand? Think again. Sure, celebs may be rich, famous and pockmark-free, but once you see what it’s really like to date them, you’ll be running away faster than Taylor Swift darts to the drugstore for Plan B. So, to commemorate the holiday everyone […]

xmascardafter-featured February 03

5 Fun Ways to Get Banned from Holiday Photo Card Mailing Lists

Congratulations on making it through another holiday season without taking a straight razor to your wrists! By now, you’re probably feeling plucky enough to tackle that pile of mail you’ve been ignoring for weeks. You sift through it, finding the typical junk – parking violation, carpet cleaning coupon, $5 from Nana, and then… There they […]


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