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hollywood_film__awards_766x432 November 17


And now it’s time for what CBS is desperately trying to market as “The first awards show of the season”, yes it’s the “Hollywood Film Awards.” What the hell are The Hollywood Film Awards? Well, it seems that the Hollywood Film Awards began in 1997 but tonight is the first time they have ever been […]

3561390ca65cdea4fcc127f4b3ca0bb4 November 13


November 2014 Horoscopes – Compiled by Dr. Horatio Jackson-Smyth PhD, Psychic, Netflix Subscriber, and Crypto-zoologist November 2014 will be a complex month, inconsistent and tough. Mars and Pluto will be together in Capricorn – a strong, determined combination, which will admirably focus on goals but which does not joke around and can generate radical, shocking, destructive […]

pausecast November 09

The Over The Line Show #9: Foods New To Joe Plus Star Wars. Music By AJ In Evolution

On Today’s Show:   This episodes musical guest: A.J. in Evolution. Find his music here: The song featured is off the album: Bare Bones. The boys talk TV, Star Wars, and foods that are common to the world…but new to Joe. Make sure to weigh in on the Root Beer Candy poll in the comments […]

th October 13


  October 2014 Horoscopes – Compiled by Dr. Horatio Jackson-Smyth PhD, Psychic, Pilates Instructor, and Crypto-zoologist In October relationships will again be an extremely sensitive issue, no matter if it is about couple relationships, friendships, Relationships will be tense and conflicts can easily appear out of anything. Avoid games of pinochle, spades, or go fish. Your chances of […]

ponyscopes_by_ambassad0r-d5r25re September 12


September 2014 Horoscopes – Compiled by Dr. Horatio Jackson-Smyth PhD, Psychic, Sudoku Master, Ladies Man, and Crypto-zoologist   In September, friendship is magic, because two different astral configurations will operate: first will be the cardinal cross formed by Uranus (located in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn). It will have a […]

emmy-awards-2014 August 26


.   7:58p – Billy Bush signs off from the red carpet and I breathe a sigh of relief that I missed Billy Bush talking to people on the red carpet. We’re in commercials and two minutes away from the start of the 2104 Emmy awards on NBC where the executives at NBC will get […]

mtv-video-music-awards-2014-thatgrapejuice-600x338 August 25


. Alright! It’s time for the 2014 Video Music Awards on MTV because as we all know if you want to music on video, you turn to MTV! Sorry You Tube, MTV is still king of it all! Ahem, anyway, the red carpet pre-show is still going on apparently. Crud, I am early. Oh well, […]


The Over The Line Show #8 with Special Guest: Henry Rollins Plus Robin Williams Tribute

On Today’s Show: Special Guest: Henry Rollins wears many hats; a musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, radio host, spoken word artist, radio show host, and activist.  Rollins was the front man for the bands, Black Flag and the Rollins Band. He  has also hosted numerous radio shows, television shows, and been in several movies. Rollins has also campaigned for various […]

th August 08


Compiled by Dr. Horatio Jackson-Smyth PhD, Psychic, Sudoku Master, and Crypto-zoologist     August 2014 will be marked simultaneously by the most beneficent and respectively the most dreadful of all astrological aspects. So buckle the f**k up, buttercup! The most dreadful astrological aspect will be the conjunction between Mars and Uranus, which will take place […]

espys July 18

A Recap of The 2014 ESPY Awards In Case You Missed It

The 2014 ESPYS! Parts of this will be difficult to make fun of since the whole premise behind this awards show is not only a self congratulatory love fest for ESPN, but it’s also about raising money for cancer research. So, if you don’t know the story about Coach Jim Valvano, go Google him and […]

zasdf June 09

The Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Turns Two Years Old!

  Overly Attached Girlfriend is a meme featuring a screen capture from a webcam. The picture is of a girl and various captions portraying her in the stereotype of an overprotective and clingy girlfriend. On June 6th, 2012, (the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy) YouTuber wzr0713 uploaded a webcam video titled “JB […]

tumblr_m3gt8d2J8g1qal8hpo4_5002 May 19

The Strange Phenomenon of Drawing Creepy Children to Sell Food

Do you have children? Do you feed them? If you answered YES to both of these questions, then I have another one for you. When you feed your children; do they look like crazy, demon possessed, insane asylum patients?     The Corporate America of yesteryear certainly felt that they did – as evidenced by […]

May 11th May 11

In Honor of Mother’s Day: The “Forever Resentful Mother” Meme’s Greatest Hits

Forever Resentful Mother is a meme series featuring a photo of a middle-aged woman holding a glass of red wine with captions that portray her as emotionally manipulative and bitter about her children’s existence. The meme has been around since early 2012 when it first appeared on Reddit. In honor of all the mothers out there […]

reed May 09

Why Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four is the Biggest Dick Ever

The Marvel Universe is full of really, really smart people who then become super heroes. They are educated and empowered and use these amazing skills for the benefit of mankind – because that’s what you’re supposed to do with super-smarts and an iron suit made of weapons. By the way, all of these guys are […]

Tony Hale Banner May 07

The Over The Line Show with Special Guest Tony Hale

On Today’s Show: Special Guest: Actor Tony Hale from Arrested Development and Veep. Tony Hale is best known for his role in the comedy series Arrested Development as Byron “Buster” Bluth. Currently he plays Gary Walsh, the sycophantic personal aide to the vice president of the United States on the HBO comedy Veep, for which he […]

xray April 25

Revisiting Classic Comic Book Adverts (Part One)

I have been a fan of comic books since forever, but they have evolved over the years and not always for the better. For instance, in the 1970’s and early 1980’s comic books were a treasure trove of some of the greatest advertisements ever conceived by man. Now thanks to the internet, we don’t get […]

baseball April 07

The All-Time Best Fictional Baseball Team Ever Produced by Hollywood Movies

The 2014 Major League Baseball season has begun and to kick it off here’s a look at the best baseball players and coaches at each position from the minds of the screenwriters, directors, and actors in Hollywood.   Roy Hobbs – Right Field, The Natural (1984) This 35 year old rookie and former pitching phenom […]

nickelodeon March 30

Recap of The Kid’s Choice Awards 2014 In Case You Purposely Missed It

Children are our future and the choices they make today are a precursor to the America we will live in tomorrow. Therefore, I have decided to live blog the 2014 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards hosted by Marky Mark. I have never watched a Kid’s Choice Awards before, but I have seen the commercials for years […]

brackets March 21

Can’t Decide On Those NCAA March Madness Brackets?

It’s March Madness time and this year I am once again using my tried and true method for selecting the NCAA tournament brackets. For the first round matchups; I put each team’s mascot side by side and then pick whichever I think would win in a drunken bar fight. We’ll examine those matchups in-depth in […]

Tony Hale Banner March 18

The Over The Line Show With Special Guest Chowderhead

On Today’s Show: Special Guest Adam “Chowderhead” Sendek The Oscars Late Night News Harold Ramis The Dating Game Serial Killer Olympic Athletes Should Not Own Guns What Did The Dead Fox Say? Skid Crowe Where Not To See The New Noah Movie How To Win A Billion Dollars You can download the episode or listen […]


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